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While the fishing adventure started with the ancestor training in the coastal areas with the same methods, it is necessary to teach this work in the coastal areas and to understand that the education is taken correctly. That's why schools open. Fishing life begins with high school education in some places for younger generations. Then it continues with the department names such as fishery, aqua products opened in universities. The first trainers gave this to themselves by mastering this work.

As educational institutions grow, this work will be done in a professional way and quality work areas will be opened for future generations.

From past to present, fisheries and aquaculture departments provide dozens of higher education opportunities. The most important reason for the sustainability of aquaculture, which constitutes a large part of our country's exports in recent years, is to increase the training activities in the same speed. Residual ancestral methods are replaced by new and more useful methods, and aquaculture is provided to support fishing activities. This makes a significant contribution to our country and of course the nature we live in.


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