Virtual Reality applications’ future in new media platforms

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Dinç, İlkan D. (2022). Virtual Reality applications’ future in new media platforms . JOURNAL OF ARTS, 5(4), 223–233.


Reality is now going beyond human perception. Technologies that was unbelievable ten years ago are suddenly appear every aspect of human life. With the speed of technology nowadays, human perception’s acceleration of development gets forcefully faster and nobody is against that. Because first time in the history, humanity has so transparent information and communication networks that can’t even get manipulated so much. Even though most of the human race are still can’t get rid of their lazyness that is coming from thousand of years of habits, new generations are moving towards safer and more transparent sources of information. Before reality was getting real in the hands of the control mechanisms and the truth was the things that they thought it is true. Now it can be thought that humanity doesn’t have to get under anybodie’s control. There is a digital copy of any book on internet now. There are lots of applications for the people who wants to learn a new language. There are digital archives of every article in every journal and most important than everything that there is a little computer and internet in everybodies’ pockets. Even though the rate of using these sources is still limited to the usage of social media; the perception of reality is changing. Now there is no obstacles against the people who wants to learn, change or better things. Now there is no obligation to respect people only for their status, their place in the family or their importance in the society. If someone is not capable of support these status with their knowledge or experience, the internet is a very strong tool to get things more clear about everyone. Now pure tyranny will hardly find any place for itself, because soon the definition of reality can change and make people enlightened through tecnology. The main concept for this article is going to be the virtual reality Technologies that can eventually direct humanity to enlightment. And finally the journey of this technology in future, will tried to be found.


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