Current Issue

Vol. 8 No. 4 (2021)
Published October 31, 2021

Journal of Life Economics (E-ISSN: 2148-4139 & DOI Prefix: 10.15637) is an international peer-reviewed and periodical journal. It aims to create a forum on economic rationale of life. It brings together the views and studies of academicians, researchers and professionals working in  economics. The journal aims to include original papers in the main titles of economics. In this framework, high quality theoretical and applied articles are going to be published. The articles in the Journal is published in 4 times a year;  WINTER (January),  SPRING (April), SUMMER (July) and AUTUMN (October).

Research Articles

İlker Akar, Oytun Meçik
Innovations on work-life: Digitization experience with the pandemic
PDF (Türkçe)
Gülsema Çetinkaya, Nazan Susam
Publicly supported developments in the fourth industrıal revolution: Comparison of selected countries and Turkey
PDF (Türkçe)
Beyza Toksoy, Birol Uzunay
Industry 4.0 implementation in the media sector: TRT example
PDF (Türkçe)
Elif Alar Erkal, Atılhan Naktiyok
The effect of organizational cyncism on burnout in the context of presenteeism: Atatürk University HELITAM example
PDF (Türkçe)
Ahmet Kamacı, Oya Kurt
The relationship between public expenditures and tax revenues: An evaluation before and after the pandemic
PDF (Türkçe)
David Ashibi Ushie, Esther Ranmilowo Aderinto
Energy consumption, economic development and environmental degradation nexus for Nigeria
Birsen Nacar
Who benefits from local government budget expenditures in Turkey? (2006-2020)
PDF (Türkçe)
Nilsun Sarıyer
Detection of consumers' cynical behaviors with netnography
PDF (Türkçe)
Hatice Türkmen, Sevda Akar
The budget policy in Turkey within the scope of the digital economy
PDF (Türkçe)
Selim İnançlı, Mustafa Torusdağ
Analysis of the relationship between innovation, CO2 emission and renewable energy in Turkey
Hamide Selçuk, Ahmet Akar
The factor of gender in the attitudes of time management at the academy: Research in a foundation university
PDF (Türkçe)
Khalil Israfilzade
Conversational marketing as a framework for interaction with the customer: Development & validation of the conversational agent's usage scale
Ercan Özen, Bahattin Hamarat
Effects of internal and external Covid-19 fear on the benefit of teleworking: an example from the Turkish finance sector
PDF (Türkçe)
Suna Tatlı
Spatial econometric analysis of health services in Turkey through the perspective of the health development indicator


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