Ethical View of Telemedicine Practices


Telemedicine Practices

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Pekesen, M., Koçak, E. ., Kaçar, M., & Vatanoğlu-Lutz, E. (2021). Ethical View of Telemedicine Practices. HEALTH SCIENCES QUARTERLY, 1(1), 1-2.


To The Editor,

Telemedicine—the utilization of clinical data and innovation to progress distanced clinical care can change the patient-centered approach. Telemedicine can coordinate distance monitoring and diagnostic instruments with computerized cooperation and suggestions to better interact with patients when they are not in a hospital. Despite these preferences, there is still some doubt as to how telemedicine applications may affect care. Guaranteeing that telemedicine is ethically admissible requires projection and consideration of four potential issues: the disruption of the patient-physician relationship, jeopardizing patient privacy, impelling one-size-fits-all applications, and the impulse to expect that innovation should be efficient

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