Consequences of making municipalities joint to natural gas distribution companies

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Free Partnership to Municipalities, Natural Gas Distribution Company, Free Company Partnership, EPDK, Energy Market


In the reports of the SIA, the Natural Gas Market Law No. 4646 m. 4.4.g according to, “The city distribution company, which has obtained a distribution license from the Board, is obliged to invite the municipality or municipal company in the city where it is authorized to become a partner in the distribution company at a rate of 10%, without seeking the condition of investing capital. This capital ratio can be increased by a maximum of 10%, provided that the price is paid
In this study, by quoting from my book, (with the expression of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK)) that, “municipalities that are partnered due to the services and cooperation of municipalities” are not considered to be partnered with Electricity and Telecom companies; I will try to look into: why natural gas distribution companies are considered to get free partnership, and also what their results are.


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