Capital structure
Additive quantile regression
Nonparametric regression
Borsa Istanbul

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In finance, capital structure decisions are crucial due to their impact on the value of a firm. Some theories assert that the value of a firm is irrelevant to those decisions. However, there is a growing literature that criticizes this idea. Those studies are constructed on some modern theories which called trade-off theory, agency cost theory, signaling theory, and pecking order theory. This paper investigates the relationship between optimal capital structure and capital structure components. The annual data gathered from 195 firms traded in Borsa Istanbul for the period 2011-2020 is used. The fast calibrated additive quantile regression approach is chosen because of its superior properties. In that method, there is not a strong assumption about the functional form of the relationships between the dependent variable and the explanatory variables. The results indicate that the relationships between the debt ratios and the capital structure components differ for each quantile and these relations are nonlinear. Furthermore, evidence is found that the relationships might be explained with the modern theories of capital structure.


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