JOURNAL OF APPLIED MICROECONOMETRICS <p><strong>The Journal of Applied Microeconometrics (ISSN: 2791-7401)</strong> is a peer-reviewed open access journal covering any issues in theoretical and applied microeconometrics. The journal also covers quantitative research in microeconomics. Journal of Applied Microeconometrics aims to serve as a platform for high quality research in applied microeconometrics. The scope of the Journal includes any papers dealing with identification, modelling, estimation, testing and prediction issues encountered in the analysis of individual-level data on the economic behavior of individuals or firms using regression methods for microeconometric data i.e. cross sectional data, repeated cross- sectional data, pool data, cohort and panel data etc. The journal also accepts case study articles written for both developing and developed countries. The language publication of the journal is <strong>English. </strong>It is published<strong> 2 times</strong> a year as SUMMER (June) and WINTER (December) periods.</p> en-US (Aysu Şahintepe) (Dr. Cumali YAŞAR) Sat, 30 Dec 2023 22:37:02 +0300 OJS 60 Are household members in Türkiye happy or not?: The generalized ordered logit model <p>The goal of individuals is to achieve happiness and live a happy life in general. However, there are many economic and socio-demographic factors that affect their happiness. This paper examines the happiness of household members from the perspective of socio-demographic and economic factors via 2009 and 2015 Turkish Statistical Institute’s (TURKSTAT) Life Satisfaction Survey data. The econometric method employ is the generalized ordered logit model. The findings suggest that economic factors have a significant impact on individuals’ happiness. For household members, while getting a job, owning a car, and saving money increase the happiness of individuals, being in debt, being married or single, and paying debts decrease happiness. These results are aimed to contribute to policy makers’ practices in order to increase the happiness of individuals in the country.</p> <p> </p> Bensu Timur Erden Copyright (c) 2023 Holistence Publications Sat, 30 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0300 Suicide trends in Türkiye by gender and suicide methods (2003-2022): A joinpoint regression analysis <p>Suicide, which broadly signifies “the act of intentionally causing one’s own death,” necessitates analysis within sociopsychological cause-and-effect relationships. Suicide is a multidimensional public health issue that needs to be addressed at both individual and societal levels. Approaching suicide as a public health problem requires the continuous and systematic collection, analysis, and dissemination of accurate information about the counts, crude and standardized rates, incidence, prevalence, and characteristics of fatal and non-fatal suicidal behaviors. In this ongoing and systematic process, the examination of the changing trend of suicide cases holds a significant place. This research utilizes joinpoint regression analysis (JRA) to examine the crude rate focusing on overall and gender-specific; and annual percent change of suicide methods in Türkiye, recorded between 2003 and 2022. The findings indicate that the crude suicide rate has increased over a 20-year period, with 2018 being a noteworthy point in the upward trend. While males have shown a consistent increase over the years, females exhibited a decreasing trend until 2017, after which they started to rise. The study also reveals diverse trends in suicide methods over the years. The obtained findings are interpreted in the context of the current situation, and limitations and recommendations are considered.</p> Nefise Ladikli, Itır Tarı Cömert Copyright (c) 2023 Holistence Publications Sat, 30 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0300 Applied Microeconometrics with Health Data <p>In this book review, I would like to introduce the book titled “Applied Microeconometrics with Health Data”.</p> <p>Since the book is an econometrics book, we might talk about econometrics first. Econometrics is one of the branches of economics, therefore it covers the methods used especially in the analysis of any topics concerning economics. However, econometric methods can be used in many branches of science such as Health Sciences. First of all, we could assert that econometrics could be used in the economic analysis of events encountered in different branches of science. In addition, econometric methods could be utilized in order to analyze specific subjects of various branches of science.</p> Selahattin Güriş Copyright (c) 2023 Holistence Publications Sat, 30 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0300