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The first part includes demographic information, the second part includes the positive organizational behavior scale, and the third part includes the organizational commitment scale.</em> <em>The data obtained as a result of the research were analyzed statistically.</em> <em>These analyzes are frequency distribution, correlation analysis and simple linear regression analysis.</em> <em>As a result of the correlation analysis, it was found that there is a positive, statistically significant relationship between positive organizational behavior and organizational commitment.</em> <em>In addition, according to simple linear regression analysis; It was determined that there is a statistically significant and positive relationship between positive organizational behavior and organizational commitment.</em></p> Zeynep Mert Copyright (c) 2021 Rating Academy Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Examining the different factors affecting automobile ownership with regression models <p><em>The aim of the study is to estimate the ownership of automobiles per capita using variables such as population, Consumer Price Index (CPI), road length, GDP, and exchange rate of the dollar. For that purpose, multiple regression analysis is applied on the data set in this study. It was found that a multicollinearity problem has occurred in the analysis performed. Regression methods from alternative regression methods such as Ridge, Lasso, and Elastic-Net are used to solve this problem. It has been found that the coefficient of determination for Ridge, Lasso, and Elastic-Net regression methods are 0.953, 0.976, and 0.952, respectively; adjusted coefficients of determination are 0.932, 0.972, and 0.943, respectively. The mean squared errors for the same methods are found to be 6.044, 4.461, and 4.655, respectively. According to the results obtained, it is seen that the Lasso regression method is the most suitable method with the smallest mean squared error and the largest coefficient of determination from the alternative models. </em></p> Şenol Çelik Copyright (c) 2021 Rating Academy Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Constructing the image of soldiers by using newspaper media during the final phase of war in Sri Lanka <p><em>Sri Lanka has experienced an ethnic conflict for nearly three decades </em>(1983-2009)<em>. As of any conflict, military forces have played a key role by actively involving in the battlefield during this war. However, it was evident that during different phases of the war in Sri Lanka, the acceptance and the reputation of the armed forces by the civil society have subjected to a great extent of variation. Although protecting the country was their duty, criticisms directed against them because of their military actions. In this context, there was an active attempt to legitimize battle, and media was widely used as a platform for this process. Although a considerable number of literature and researches have been conducted to study the war in Sri Lanka, the lack of studies and literature regarding the soldiers is recognizable. Hence this study tried to fill that study gap by focusing on how print media was used to construct the image of the soldiers in the final phase of the war in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the objective of this study was to critically investigate the role of newspapers in terms of constructing the identity of soldiers during the final phase, from 2006 to 2009. This was based on a discourse analysis of the weekend Sinhala and English newspapers. This study revealed that, different identities have existed towards the soldiers. Furthermore, as another observed fact, the newspapers have widely highlighted and brought forward the humanitarian facet of these soldiers. However, this study was conducted based on the newspapers of only two official languages. This may lead to miss the perspectives from the Tamil newspapers which may have conveyed other opinions about the soldiers and their actions, during these periods. </em></p> Ashawarie Karunanayake Copyright (c) 2021 Rating Academy Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0000