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An evaluation of idioms and other word groups in Oxford Dictionary of Idioms (VIII)
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Oxford Dictionary of Idioms

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Akyalçın, N., & Aydoğan, D. (2022). An evaluation of idioms and other word groups in Oxford Dictionary of Idioms (VIII). HOMEROS, 4(4), 169–173.


Idioms encountered in the vocabulary of many languages ​​in the world constitute an important part of the vocabulary in these languages. English, a world language, is one of these languages, just like Turkish. As there are many idioms dictionaries prepared in Turkish, dictionaries about idioms in English have been prepared and studies have been carried out. The dictionary named “Oxford Dictionary of Idioms”, which includes idioms in English, is one of these studies. The universe of the study is this dictionary of idioms, and its subject is the headlines, which can be considered as the idiom under the letter "N" of the aforementioned dictionary. Headings under the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, I, J, K, L and M were examined in seven previous studies. Since this study is a continuation of other studies, structures that are/can be idioms at the beginning of the letter "N" were evaluated with the same thought and approach, and an evaluation was made by presenting them with numerical data. The aim of the study is to reveal the problematic structures in this dictionary and to draw attention to the subject.
PDF (Türkçe)


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