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Theoretical view of the East from the West
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milli kimlik
tarixi həqiqətlər East
national identity
historical truths

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Hüseynova, A. (2022). Theoretical view of the East from the West. HOMEROS, 4(4), 175-181.


While the East is an object that is silent and unable to express itself, the West is a subject that shapes, frames and presents the East as it wishes for its own purposes. In his book Orientalism, Edward Said emphasized that Orientalism was in fact a discipline that adorned the debates created by the West about the truth about the East. He emphasizes that along with the silence of the East, the East has adopted what the West has presented for the East. When defining the East, we make it a habit to choose the worst examples that the West constantly puts forward. Countries can pull their societies out of this quagmire by mastering and propagating the historical, cultural and richness of the East, the way to break the stereotypes of backwardness and ignorance that come to mind when talking about the East. When we talk about the East, the death penalty, wars should not come to mind, we need to highlight its deep-rooted history and culture. To be oriental in the West is to feel both dogma and alienation in Western society, to be able to understand heaven and hell at every moment of your life, at many points.
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