Big data based network mapping in the context of media art in Turkey

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Boztepe, S. (2021). Big data based network mapping in the context of media art in Turkey. JOURNAL OF ARTS, 4(3), 131-138.


In addition to being a mirror that reflects the society in which it is produced, art is a practice that uses the technology of its age creatively. It is possible to trace the centuries-old relationship between technology and art, from a painter who produces mixtures and colors like a chemist to a video artist using television technology. Art productions using today's communication and data technologies and gathered under the titles such as Media Art, New Media Art, Digital Art, Post-Media or Post-Digital art are today's prominent art practices. This research aims to present a background that deals with the historical process of media art in the context of communication society, and then to analyze Network Mapping applications, which are derived from an art production centered on Big Data-based applications and have turned into an opec access application at this point. 

Graph Commons, which is an example of creative approaches in the visualization of the complex systems that shape the technology and communication-oriented world we live in, and operates as an application platform made available to everyone, uses Big Data, which consists of data collected, compiled and processed from all internet users, with the creative perspective of art and social benefit. It inspires the fields of art, design and communication regarding its use.


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